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With Flexitank France you will find the best solutions and professionals.
We specialize in liquid bulk logistics.
Our systems are configured by the consulting service and then installed by our specialized technicians to ensure and certify the proper installation of Flexitank and good use of it conforming to the exacting standards recommended by major shipping companies and industry associations.
Our goal is 100 % reliable and quality service enabling our customers greater profitability and confidence in their logistics operations. We therefore invest all our capacities in the safety and quality of service, for these reasons we DON'T make direct sales of our systems without our fitting service and supervision.
We can custom design the Flexitank which best suits your needs in volume (from 10,000 to 24,000 liters) and type of material to be loaded (wine, oil, non-hazardous chemicals, etc ...).
Flexitank France will manage the entire process of export / import including, if desired, assistance in the load.
We can assist you with different studies:
  • Compatibility with chemical or food study
  • Study of maximum capacity by freight transit
  • Thermal study
  • Oxygen barrier study
  • Filling study
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