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Flexitank France is a company essentially directed to the service, whether by services directed to service companies, or by services to final clients. What do we want to express by that? We want to transmit that whatever your needs are, we can help you. If you are a producer, an importer or exporter, a forwarding agent and even if you have nothing to do with the mentioned but you need support from a professional and close company like ours, please don’t hesitate and get in contact with us. We’ll inform you.
We are prepared to help you with any stage of the transport of your product. We offer you the convenience of an integral, specialized, efficient and guaranteed service.

Flexitank France will carry out the project suitable to your product and requirements and in addition we offer our services as consultancy, document management, transport insurances, custom clearance coordination, etc.
Our Services:
  • Managing Forwarding Activity:
  • Logistics consultancy
  • Document management
  • Customs clearance
  • Installation service for Flexitanks / Liners
  • We design the type of Flexitank / Liner that you need
  • Emercency services
  • Survey reports
  • Taking of samples
  • Service for the filling / emptying of Flexitank / liners.
  • Service to attend the operations at client’s premises.
  • Full Consultancy service
  • Guaranteed. Cover for:
  • Installation
  • Loading
  • Transport

If you are a winemaker, oil producer, biodiesel manufacturer, chemical industrial or any other company which needs to transport non-hazardous liquids in low-cost and 100% guaranteed bulks, do not doubt, we are the partner you need.
We know how difficult it is to be a producer of resources in difficult times and for that reason we believe that we can be very useful for your needs.
Our objective is to offer the best logistic way for the transport of your production, and especially, with the best price.
We offer an integral service to the industrialist. If you require the installation of flexitank, its’ filling of liquids and, if it’s required, at your facilities, we can help you.
Do you need to send your products door to door to any of your customers? No problem, we can offer it. Think about the posibility of carefree sending liquids to any of your customers. We manage completely the whole process, from the installation to the filling and even the traffic, leaving you more time for your own work. This will be a very beneficial decision.
Ask to any of our professionals about the most interesting way to optimize and to make stronger your business.
Tel. +33 (0)4 11 89 64 37 | e-mail: