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For more than 10 years, Flexitank France has marketed pioneer services and products in the world of bulk logistics that offer vertical solutions for the supply chain in the food, chemical and environmental sectors.

Our logistics of high-added value combines the engineering of intermediate storage systems with your producing processes and the international transport, always tailored to the product transported.

Flexitank France is the logistics operator specialized in international bulk transport. We carry out international intermodal bulk transport by ship, rail and road using the most cost effective and efficient way.

Our equipments fulfill the most stringent standards ISO-9001/2015, guarantee the regulations of the European Union CE as well as the American FDA and have other accreditations such as Kosher and Halal.


Our priority is to offer the highest quality that ensures the satisfaction of our customers with a close, direct and efficient treatment. Yes, it is logistics, but we add something else that we would like to share with you.


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