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Flexitank France has one of the world's best flexitanks for transporting food liquids. This Flexitank has European manufacturing and satisfies the highest requirements in the transport of food-grade liquids’ security and quality.
In our Flexitank you can carry all kinds of liquid foods such as olive oil and edible oils, concentrates, mineral water, wine, juice, vinegar, beer, juice, glucose, fat, etc.
Our exclusive Flexitank specific for Wine incorporates an EVOH barrier, which reduces significantly the oxygen or other polluting agents like naphthalene or TCA filtrations, guaranteeing a smaller evolution of the product during its transport and eliminating unwelcome flavours or scents.
Vegetable Oils, Fruit Concentrates
Flexitank France has many customers that export and import different qualities of oils and fruit concentrates in bulk. Thanks to the Flexitank top quality systems, we offer the best way of goods transporting, conserving 100% of the product properties.
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